GenAI Demo Showcase

GenAI Demo Showcase

@ The Fifth Elephant 2024 Annual Conference

Olivia Deka - Lyzr AI


Lyzr - The simplest agent framework to build ‘Private & Secure’ GenAI applications faster

Submitted Jul 11, 2024

Lyzr is a low-code agent framework with an agentic approach to building generative AI applications. Its fully integrated agents come with pre-built RAG pipelines, allowing you to build and launch in minutes.

With Lyzr, you can build chatbots, knowledge search, data analysis, RAG-powered apps, and multi-agent workflow automation with minimal effort.

The best part is that you can get locally deployable SDKs and private APIs to run the agents on your cloud, thus eliminating all concerns related to data privacy, compliance, and latency.

Who is Lyzr For?

For Developers - you will love the simplicity of the framework and appreciate the ability to build generative AI apps rapidly.

For CTOs, CPOs - integrate generative AI features into your apps seamlessly with local SDKs and private APIs, all with your in-house tech team. The required learning curve to build on Lyzr is literally just a few minutes.

For CIOs - introduce generative AI to your enterprise with the comfort of 100% data privacy and security as Lyzr runs locally on your cloud. And Lyzr’s AI Management System (AIMS) makes it easy to manage agents, monitor events logs, build using AI studios, and even help your team learn generative AI with the in-built Lyzr academy.

Lyzr’s Autonomous Role Agents for Businesses (Aka XPONENTS)

Jazon - Autonomous AI SDR -
Skott - Automous AI Marketer -
Kathy - Autonomous AI Competitor Analyst -

Lyzr Demo Apps -Try Lyzr SDKs in action with these light-weight micro frontends. The best part, the micro frontends are open-source. You can adopt & use them.


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