GenAI Demo Showcase

GenAI Demo Showcase

@ The Fifth Elephant 2024 Annual Conference

Aakash Dharmadhikari


Jewel James


Agents for Accelerating Enterprise Salesforce Implementation

Submitted Jul 11, 2024


Along with joke of Autonomous Agents solving for world peace - a more serious dream we all had was “make a wish, get an app”. We believe this already exists for entperprises - it’s called an IT Services company. Just that it might take 18 months to 3 years for your wish.

We believe a close collaboration between humans and AI within the business/people/compliance infrastructure provided by IT Services companies is the only way to bring this vision to enterprise software. So we focused on just reducing the time.

We at are building the platform “Vayu” that brings this vision to Enterprise Salesforce Implementations.


Putting SOTA model into enterprise IT services company is like putting a very smart person in the hallway where they can chat with the employees, but can’t actually take up any work.

Vayu provides:

  1. Secure and compliant Agent Workspace, where agents can work on long-running tasks
  2. Salesforce Interaction Capabilities for the Agents, similar to having a developer with all the necessary tools
  3. Provide visibility for humans into Agents workspace, process and reasoning
  4. Agent Integrations into human workspaces, so they can reach out to their human counterparts

Using this platform, our first set of agents are now suggesting delivering “Unit Tests” for thousand line files with 100+ cyclomatic complexity methods.


  1. Real-time demo of agent making sense of the Salesforce environment and writing Unit Tests
  2. Our ability to peak into Agent’s mind and course correct it when stuck
  3. Walkthrough of a recent code that our agent developed over 2 days, to demonstrate the complexities it can deal with given enough time. The fundamental case for Agent vs Copilot.

Example: Agent fetching context from Salesforce using our tools


Example: Agent doing debugging by reading the log statements it added in the past run


Looking forward to show you what we have!


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