Elastic Search users' meetup

A meetup for and by users of Elastic Search

Elastic Search users' meetup
The Fifth Elephant is HasGeek’s annual conference on big data and analytics.

HasGeek House, Bangalore

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Call for proposals

Speak at this meetup. We are accepting:

  1. Experiences with Elastic Search for data engineering/productionizing data science.
  2. Stories of leveraging features of Elastic Search which are novel and will benefit other users in this meetup.
  3. Why pick Elastic over other tools for productionizing data science and vice-versa.
  4. Failure stories with Elastic Search.

Talks will be of 15-20 mins duration only.

Submit your ideas here for feedback and review.

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Confirmed sessions

Elasticsearch as consistent Lookupstore

Abhishek Kumar Gupta (@greedy93)

  • Mon, 1 Jul

Unconfirmed proposals

What is Observability?

Aravind Putrevu (@aravindputrevu)

  • Wed, 19 Jun