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Data Governance at Contoso Inc.

Submitted by Toufiq Ali (@tas) on Jul 21, 2020

Session type:: Full talk - 40 mins Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Contoso Inc. is a large business group that deals with all kinds of unstructured data that is personally identifiable information & business-sensitive. Some geographies that they operate in, make regulatory requirements like GPDR mandatory to comply to. In this session, I would like to talk about a problem statement and discuss how a data governance framework can deal with all kinds of unstructured data and agile processes that allow implementing privacy controls grounds up or implementing privacy controls in the existing system.


  • Problem Statement
  • Data Governance Policy Skeleton
  • Process flows that enable uniform data governance.
  • Technical controls that validate privacy by design.


Date and time for the meeting.

Speaker bio

I am security professional with over a decade of experience in offensive security practices like vulnerability discovery, vulnerability exploitation, penetration testing, application security, red teaming, and cloud security. He is also experienced in a number of defensive practices such as vulnerability management, ,implementing secure coding practices, threat modeling, security architecture, blue teaming, DevSecOps, and designing security in systems grounds up.



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