The Fifth Elephant 2020 edition

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COVID Impact Analysis on people commute and places of visits leveraging Behaviour Analytics Models

Submitted by Sheik Dawood (@sheikk-k) on May 31, 2020

Status: Submitted


Understanding audience/people behaviour plays a vital role in improvising in many functional areas such as marketing, advertising, governance etc., The behavioural knowledge helps in customizing products and services catering to divergent groups. We at Sahaj developed a Behaviour analytics solution leveraging geo-spatial data.

As part of the behaviour analytics we built multiple models catering to audience/people behaviour understanding on their demographics, commute preferences, dwell time and places of interest. The models themselves are very complex as they are build utilising geo location information, trajectory, velocity, dwell time and few other parameters.

This talk will be focussed on how we generated insights on people movement, the places they visited and is there any impact or changes owing to COVID-19 impact. We laid special emphasis on analysing this trend benchmarking normal period vs COVID period. As part of this exercise we encountered many challenges viz., data quality especially the data from COVID times since significantly large number of people stayed indoors. The COVID pandemic being one in a century kind of an event indexing it to make it comparable during normal times was a challenge in itself and will be covering other data and technological challenges.


• Introduction
• Behaviour Analytics Overview
    ◦ Commuter Behaviour Understanding
    ◦ Understanding Behaviour based on places visited
• Types of Models
    ◦ High Level overview of different models
• COVID Impact analysis
    ◦ Commuter/people visits Behaviour Changes and Trends
• Challenges
    ◦ Quality Data Procurement and data cleaning 
    ◦ Processing and transformation of varied geospatial data to a standard format



Speaker bio

I am a Data Scientist with more than 15 years of experience in the areas of Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. I currently work for Sahaj Software Solutions as Solutions Consultant. I have Bachelor of Technology from Bharathidasan University. Apart from my day job I also takes classes on Machine Learning and Data Science and mentor aspiring data scientists.


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