The Fifth Elephant 2020 edition

On data governance, engineering for data privacy and data science

Applied Data Science To Disrupt Medical Workstream

Submitted by swayam mittal (@swayammittal65) on May 15, 2020

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Outline/Structure of the Talk
1. Enabling Nex-Gen Modern Medical operations
2. Industry Use-Cases
3. Deep Learning to address the problems
4. Challanges and Conclusion

Learning Outcome
1. Ability to apply data science for analyzing and modelling global life sciences and pharmaceutical data
2. Create Intelligent and Intuitive insights from the dark data
3. Develp a deeper understanding of the factors enabling intelligent automation
4. Apply AI Models for Pharmacovigilance and safety monitoring
5. Determine the right approach for context learning across medical data

Target Audience
AI Researcher, Data Scientists, NLP, Deep Learning, Machine Learning


Learn how Industry applies data science for analyzing and modelling global life sciences and pharmaceutical data for intelligent and intuitive insights with context learning across pre-clinical, clinical and regulatory of drugs and enables intelligent automation in Pharmacovigilance and safety monitoring using:
1. Content Classification
2. Content Relationship
3. Content Generation
4. Multi-Task Learning
5. Transfer Learning


Prerequistes for Attendees

Participants are expected to know what is AI, Machine Learning and some basics are Data Science lifecycle including modelling and evaluation

Speaker bio

Swayam is a Senior Data Scientist at Indegene’s medical technology R&D team with wide expertise in domains such as Natural language processing (text classification, sequence tagging, context learning), computer vision (object tracking, optical character recognition, image classification) and Speech Synthesis with many others using open source libraries like Tensorflow and PyTorch to solve real time problem and product development. Graduated from University of Oxford in the field of Data Science and makes robot in free time



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