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The Art of Applying Data Science

Submitted by Vinodh Kumar R (@vinodhkumarr) on Mar 14, 2019

Status: Rejected


As more and more organizations have begun embracing data science to solve a wide spectrum of problems across their business, there is still a gap between the potential that data science holds and the actual outcome that organization sees while applying data science. In this talk, I will try to draw on my experience of having worked and built data science products over the last decade - from building the ranking algorithms of Google News, E-commerce search engine at Bloomreach and people search in context of careers, most recently at Belong. Will take up one problem, go over the steps to solve the problem - from modelling, choosing the algorithm, learning the algorithm, tuning and getting things to work.


Need to work on the whole talk. Have given somewhat similar talks in the past. But I will come up with totally new content/new flow and algorithm.


Will be using Google slides

Speaker bio

Vinodh Kumar is one of the world’s top industry leaders when it comes to search, ranking and machine learning. After securing All India Rank #1 in GATE Computer Science 1999 and earning his Masters in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science, Vinodh went on to lead the Google News team building its core ranking algorithms and the Google Music / Apps Marketplace teams at Google. Subsequently he was the CTO and Managing Director of Bloomreach where he built the e-commerce search engine platforms at Bloomreach. Now he is applying his strong technology and machine learning experience to something he is truly passionate about - helping people find where they belong in their careers as the CTO of



  • AS

    Anwesha Sarkar


    a year ago

    Thank you for submitting the proposal. Submit your slides and preview video by 20th April (latest) it helps us to close the review process.

  • ZB

    Zainab Bawa


    a year ago

    Thanks for the proposal, Vinodh. We’ll need to see draft slides or something more detailed which helps us understand your thinking and approach to the problem and how this intersects with the needs of The Fifth Elephant community. Without an initial slide deck, we cannot make decision on your proposal.

    We’ll need to see draft slides – by 27 May – which help us understand your thinking to assess the fit of your proposal for The Fifth Elephant. Since this proposal has been submitted a while ago with no further updates, you also have to let us know if your plans have changed and if you want us to move your proposal to future editions of The Fifth Elephant.

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