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\From ML Dashboards to ML Web Apps - R with Shiny

Submitted by \AbdulMajedRaja (@amrrs) on Monday, 15 April 2019

Session type: Workshop Status: Rejected


One of the beautiful gifts that R has got (that Python misses) is the package – Shiny. Shiny is an R package that makes it easy to build interactive web apps straight from R. This session will help you build ML solutions and Dashboards as web apps using R Shiny.


Intro to Analytics WebApps
RShiny – What & Why
Shiny App Workflow
Basic Code Examples
Industry Examples
Building your first ML Web App


Basic R Programming is required

Speaker bio

Abdul Majed is an Analytics Consultant helping Organizations make sense some out of the massive - often not knowing what to do - data. Married to R (but dating Python). Always amazed by Open Source and its contributors and trying to be one of them.

Organizer @ Bengaluru R user Group (BRUG) Organizer

Contributed to Open source by publishing packages on CRAN and PyPi

Writer @ Towards Data Science and DataScience+




  •   \AbdulMajedRaja (@amrrs) Proposer 10 months ago

    Can’t the blogpost be served as Slide alternative?

  •   Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer 10 months ago

    Thanks for sharing the blog post. The current talk can be absorbed by reading the blog post. It is uninteresting in the present form.

    For the talk to be useful, you have to explain:

    1. What is the problem that R with Shiny solves?
    2. Which other tools can we use for solving the same problem? Why does R with Shindy stand out? What are the comparison metrics?
    3. Explain use cases of R with Shiny. Also explain what are the limitations of this tool.
    4. Show before-after scenario. What improvements can be achieved with R with Shiny? What are the tradeoffs of using this tooling?
    •   \AbdulMajedRaja (@amrrs) Proposer 10 months ago (edited 10 months ago)

      Sorry Zainab, That’s my bad to share that link as an alternative. The idea was to cover the points in the outline, that pretty much covers the points you mentioned and will make sure to all those you have given. I’ve got a question: This was submitted as a Workshop but based on your points, It seems like a talk, Could you please let me know which one you find this more fitting in?

    •   \AbdulMajedRaja (@amrrs) Proposer 10 months ago

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