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A.I Insights for Sales

Submitted by Jagadeesh Rajarajan (@datascienceninja) on Apr 15, 2019

Status: Rejected


At Freshworks, we are building Freddy for Freshsales - An intelligent sales assistant. We will talk about the problems we solve using A.I, why we choose these problems and how we solve them.


  • A day in the life of a modern sales person
  • How can A.I help such a sales person ?
  • Lead Prioritisation based on lead’s FIT and Interest
  • The cost of missing a STAR Lead (Good FIT + High Interest)
  • Hitting the sales targets with focus
  • A.I Insights on sales deals
  • Suggested Next Best Action


Pen & Paper

Speaker bio

I am a Data Scientist and I’ve been building A.I for sales at Freshworks since the last 15 months. Prior to that, I was designing data science solutions for problems in the marketing landscape at Wingify.



  • ZB

    Zainab Bawa


    a year ago

    The slides are too thin to assess:

    1. What problem does AI/Freddy solve?
    2. Why choose this approach? What are the other approaches/tools you considered?
    3. Why did you decide to build a custom solution? What was the reasoning behind build versus buy?
    4. How has Freddy solved your problem? Explain before-after scenarios.
    5. What improvements did you see as a result of Freddy? How can these be attributed to Freddy alone?
    6. How did the team adapt to Freddy? What changes did the teams have to make in order to adjust to a new tool?

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