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Hybrid Machine Learning with Azure IoT Edge

Submitted by SUNIL KUMAR (@sunilkumarjb) on Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Section: Workshop Technical level: Intermediate


This workshop will provide an overview of various concepts of IoT, Machine Learning and Azure IoT Edge.
It will be a hands-on workshop which will involve actual machine learning model deployment on edge devices or edge simulator of your system.


  • Concepts of IoT.
  • Docker overview.
  • Docker set-up on laptop.
  • Concepts of Machine Learning.
  • Deployment of Azure Deep Learning Virtual Machine.
  • Open source ML framework overview.
  • Machine Learning model creation using Azure Deep Learning Virtual Machine(DLVM).
  • Azure container registry overview.
  • Azure IoT Edge overview and operation.
  • Machine learning model deployment on edge devices using Azure IoT Edge.
  • Azure ML studio overview & demo.


- Python knowledge and desire to learn. - Laptop (Windows 10, Linux, MacOS) and Python 3 - Azure account

Speaker bio

Mihir Punjabi is a Principal Solutions Architect at Capgemini Product & Engineering Services and is a SogetiLabs member ( Mihir is Machine Learning evangelist at Capgemini focusing around Cognitive ML, Edge intelligence, Hybrid ML, Swarm Intelligence, TensorFlow, etc. He is an IBM Certified Watson Application Developer

Sunil Kumar Jang Bahadur is a Senior Consultant at Capgemini Product & Engineering Services. Sunil is Machine Learning and Data Science enthusiast focusing on Machine learning, Deep learning, MS IoT Edge, Chatbots, TensorFlow, Caffe2, CNTK, log analytics, etc. He is a Microsoft Certified Azure Architect and IBM Certified Watson Application Developer.


  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer a year ago

    Sunil, we need a detailed workshop plan, who is this workshop targeted towards and what are the takeaways for participants attending this workshop?

    • SUNIL KUMAR (@sunilkumarjb) Proposer a year ago

      Detailed Workshop Plan:
      - Basic Fundamentals - IoT, Containers, Edge compute - 30 mins
      - Machine Learning and Azure ML Fundamentals - 30 mins
      - Hands-on session 1 - Creation of Machine Learning model in Azure - 2 hours
      - Azure IoT Edge Fundamentals - 30 mins
      - Hands-on session 2 - Azure IoT Edge deployment on Edge devices(Simulator) - 2 hours
      - Azure ML studio overview & demo - 30 mins

      - Python knowledge and desire to learn.
      - Windows 10 Laptop and Python 3
      - Microsoft Azure account
      - Good internet connectivity

      Target audience:
      - Developers and Architects interested in learning Machine Learning using Azure IoT Edge

      Key takeaways:
      Participants will learn:
      - IoT, Machine Learning and Azure ML concepts
      - How to create and deploy Machine learning models on Edge devices using Azure.
      - Various Azure ML tools and services

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