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Atlas: GO-JEK’s real-time geospatial visualization platform

Submitted by Ravi Suhag (@ravisuhag) on Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & Scheduled

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We have billions of GPS points flowing through our data pipelines daily in real-time and drive decisions like driver allocation, surge pricing, driver incentives and more. This poses intriguing challenges in finding actionable insights from spatial data in real-time.
At GoJek we built Atlas in an attempt to make it easy for teams within GO-JEK to visually explore this flood of geospatial data. For example:

  • Our City Ops teams need to have near real-time information of the current supply and demand distribution.
  • Our Data Science team needs rich exploratory interfaces to tackle multidimensional data for experimental analysis.

In this talk I will discuss about the need, challenges and architecture of ATLAS.


  1. Brief about Speaker and GoJek
  2. State of data at GoJek
  3. Challenges in making realtime decisions with data
  4. Atlas Introduction
  5. Data pipeline architecture
  6. Atlas Architecture
  7. Atlas metric streaming
  8. Atlas dimension mapping
  9. Atlas data experience
  10. Road Ahead

Speaker bio

Ravi Suhag works on the data enginerring team at GoJek which was responsible for building ATLAS end to end.
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  •   Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer a year ago

    Ravi, please upload your preview video so that we can complete evaluation for this talk.

  •   Hari C M (@haricm) Reviewer a year ago

    Ravi, slideshare link is not working. You have to share slides and preview video for us to evaluate this talk.

    •   Ravi Suhag (@ravisuhag) Proposer a year ago

      Hi Hari, Slide should be working now. Please check.
      I will share the video as well. Thanks

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