The Fifth Elephant 2014

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Lambda Architecture

Submitted by Nitin Supekar (@nsupekar) on May 23, 2014

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


Educate and discuss on principles and best practices to build large scale data processing architectures.
Introduction to "Lambda Architecture" proposed by Nathan Marz (Storm guy)


Lambda architecture proposed by Nathan Marz is growing in popularity in technology community. This presentation would introduce what is Lambda architecture and various aspects of it like Batch Layer, Service Layer and Speed Layer. Various architectural patterns and best practices to implement large scale data processing systems that are fault-tolerant, highly scalable.
Also share the experience of building such architecture in practice.

Speaker bio

Nitin Supekar is Technical Director in Symantec with 15+ years of experience. He holds Bachelors degree in Computer Science and has very keen interest BigData technologies and Machine Learning.For past 2 years, Nitin is exploring and working on large scale data processing systems architecting, designing and implementing solutions using open source technologies like Storm, Kafka, Cassandra etc.


  • VS

    Viral B. Shah


    6 years ago

    There are far too many technologies that one has for data science. It would be great if the pros and cons can be compared with other popular alternatives (other talks in 5el).

    The focus can be on how to build a large-scale data processing system, with some focus on internals would be the right format for such a talk.

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