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How to deploy a 50 node SolrCloud cluster on AWS in 15 minutes

Submitted by Shalin Mangar (@shalinmangar) on Sunday, 15 June 2014

Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Beginner


The objective of this short talk is to demonstrate the newly open sourced Solr Scale Toolkit which makes setting up and managing a SolrCloud cluster on AWS a snap.


SolrCloud is a set of features in Apache Solr that enable elastic scaling of distributed search indexes using sharding and replication. In this session, I will introduce and demonstrate a new open source project called the Solr Scale Toolkit (solr-scale-tk) which provides tools and guidance for deploying and managing SolrCloud in cloud-based platforms such as Amazon EC2.


A basic familiarity with Solr, SolrCloud and AWS is good to have but everyone is welcome.

Speaker bio

I am a committer on Apache Lucene/Solr since 2008 as well as a member of the Lucene/Solr project management committee. I've worked at AOL for five years on vertical search, content mangement systems, social/community platforms and anti-spam systems as well as AOL WebMail's Inbox Search system which uses a highly customized version of Apache Solr to service tens of millions of users and more than a billion index/search operations a day. I currently works at LucidWorks Inc. on Apache Solr and LucidWorks Search mostly on the SolrCloud side of things. I also help organize the Bangalore Apache Solr/Lucene Meetup Group which has 350+ members and holds regular meetings of people interested in Lucene, Solr and search in general.



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