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Extending Vega - A visualisation grammar to create interactive visualisations

Submitted by anupamme (@anupamme) on Saturday, 3 May 2014

Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Beginner


I want to present the work I am doing in extending a visualization grammar Vega (


Vega lets users specify d3 visualizations just by specifying a json object (no programming required otherwise).

One of the major extensions of Vega is to create interactive visualizations. Crossfilter ( is a library which lets you connect multivariate datasets. So I was curious if we could extend Vega by including Crossfilter in the Vega's codebase.

So you should be able to create an interactive visualization just by specifying a json object.

The talk will present the thought process and steps taken to achieve this.


Some knowledge of d3.js and crossfilter will be helpful in understanding.

Speaker bio

I am a computer programmer by background. These days I am very interested in technologies which help us make sense of big data e.g. data visualizations, natural language tools etc.

Before this I have worked in couple of interenet startups.


  • Vinayak Hegde (@vin) 5 years ago

    Could you add more details to the proposal about what exactly you plan to cover in the talk and also slides if possible ?

  • anupamme (@anupamme) Proposer 5 years ago

    This is going to be a walkthrough of the code (computer program) changes in the open source library to enable, creating interactive visualizations just by specifying a json object. No programming required.

    As is, vega lets you create static visualizations so this is an extension to what is already there.

    • anupamme (@anupamme) Proposer 5 years ago

      This will be a code walkthrough. Vega in itself is cutting edge as it is one of its kind where you do not have to write javascript code to build d3 visualizations, instead specify just a json object.

      Extending it to be interactive is interesting for a crisp talk (at least thats how I think!)

  • Jeff Friesen (@jefffriesen) 4 years ago

    Did you ever extend vega to use crossfilter dimensions? If so I would love to look at your code.

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