The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Anshum Gupta


SolrCloud and NoSQL

Submitted May 23, 2013

If Search in NoSQL, NoSQL in Search or either of them separately interest you, this session could be for you. I’ll talk about how NoSQL datastores have evolved and are trying to provide search, Solr is moving towards them as a potentially great ‘big-data’ store.


With both NoSQL and Search both trying to add features that have traditionally belonged to the others` domain, where are they both headed? Will one be victorious over the other or both finally provide a bridge to plug into the other?

I’ll speak about data stores and how does it compare to “Integrate search into a data store” vs “Doubling up a search engine as the datastore”.

Speaker bio

Engineer at LucidWorks. With almost 8 years of experience in search, information retrieval and recommendation engines, Anshum has been a part of the core Search team at and Cleartrip.

At Naukri, he was one of the core contributors and an architect for the JobSearch and ResumeSearch (Resdex) platforms, the largest resume database in India. He also designed and developed the recommendation engine for Job Seekers.While at Cleartrip, he designed and developed the data aggregator and search for one of the most interesting travel products, SmallWorld. As a part of the core team that developed and launched the first AWS Search service, CloudSearch he has experience with designing and developing a very large scale service.

He is now back to the open source world and is currently working with LucidWorks, the leading developer of search, discovery and analytics software based on Apache Lucene and Apache Solr technology.

More about him at: LinkedIn Twitter


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