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Grooming Geeks - Analytics & Application in Education

Submitted May 22, 2013

The role of education in the contemporary world is not mere knowledge but creating a ‘bent of mind’ for the students to adapt themselves to the competitive environment and grow. Not all the science students end up as scientists, similarly engineering students as engineers. A chemical engineer lands up as Java programmer and a science graduate works for a courier firm yet they still work exceptionally well with the basic concepts that was taught in their schools and colleges which is called as ‘Bent of Mind’. Not it is time to think beyond!
a) How to apply analytics to enable the Parents to Groom their Children?
b) How to make use of technology to manage the Teachers?
c) How to make use of Technology to manage the Parents/Teachers/Mentors?
d) How to use analytics to run the Education Institution?
e) How to use analytics to mentor the students in a better manner?
f) How touse analytics to run statistical models to groom the students, bringout their hidden talents and convert them to geeks?


In the previous century, rank system was implemented to analyse the students (rank as a way of analytics), then grade system emerged (grade as a measure to analyse and categorize). with the growing complexity of measures and opportunities, complex analytics are required to understand the student aspirations, potential , map the opportunities, their probability to succeed etc. Are we leveraging on the technological evolution really to analyse the performance of students to mentor them? Are we analyzing them properly? Probably the technology in the past did not allow for such analytics. But new technologies have emerged to bridge the gap. This paper aims to demonstrate the analytics which will be a breakthrough in mentoring.

Speaker bio

Dr.Jayaprakash comes with 2 decades of experience in Industry. Has got expertise in Datawarehousing and Analytics.


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