The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Shekhar Gulati


Building Location Aware Applications using MongoDB

Submitted Mar 21, 2013

The benefits for attendees

  1. Attendees will learn how they can use MongoDB geo spatial indexing capabilities to build location aware applications.
  2. The demo application will be deployed on OpenShift - A polyglot horizontally scalable Platform as a Service solution from Red Hat. Audience will learn how they can get started with OpenShift and deploy their applications in cloud.


You have seen the stuff that Foursquare has done with spatial and you want some of that hotness for your app. But, where to start? MongoDB offers an easy way to get started and enables a variety of location-based applications - ranging from field resource management to social check-ins. In this session I am going to show you how easy it is to add location awareness capability to your application using MongoDB. The application that we will building is a location aware Job search application. We will load up a MongoDB with some geospatial data and then create simple web application using Spring MVC, Spring MongoDB, Twitter Bootstrap, and Backbone.js. Our application will be hosted on OpenShift, Red Hat’s Platform as a Service, which provides multiple language development and native MongoDB hosting. By the end of this session, you will be ready to go home and start using MongoDB to add some great functionality and spatial love to your Java application.


  1. Laptop
  2. Internet connection
  3. The application will be developed in Java. So basic understanding of Java will help

Speaker bio

Shekhar Gulati is an OpenShift Developer Evangelist working with Red Hat. He speaks about OpenShift at various conference and user groups around the world. Shekhar is an active writer and has written many technical articles for IBM DeveloperWorks,, and JavaLobby. His current interests are NoSQL databases and cloud computing, mainly Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and new things happening in Java community.


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