The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Aaron Morton


Apache Cassandra for Fun and Profit

Submitted Apr 21, 2013

Attendees will lean about data modelling and performance in Cassandra, which patterns to follow and which to avoid. They will also lean how to evaluate the performance of various models and plan for data growth.


Apache Cassandra is a scalable, distributed, eventually consistent, fault tolerant database. Used by sites such as Netflix, Spotify and Urban Airship to provide low latency access to multi-terabyte databases.

While Cassandra is a database, it is a different type of database than a traditional RDBMS. The Data Model and Storage Engine require new approaches which often seem at odds with traditional relational best practices. In this talk Aaron Morton, Freelance Cassandra Consultant, Apache Cassandra Committer and DataStax MVP for Cassandra, will walk through the new approaches. The talk will look at the basics of the Cassandra data model, common patterns, anti patterns, performance issues and capacity planning.

New users, existing users and those interested in NoSQL will benefit from this discussion of how to get the best out of Cassandra.

Speaker bio

Aaron Morton is a Freelance Developer based in New Zealand, a Committer on the Apache Cassandra project and a DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra. In 2010 he gave up the RDBMS world for the scale and reliability of Cassandra. He now spends his time advancing the Cassandra project and helping others get the best out of it.


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