The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Anand S


Advanced data analysis with Excel

Submitted Jun 3, 2013

Learn what you can do with Excel, really pushing it to the edge.


In this session, you’ll learn how to geocode locations, create maps, draw network diagrams and create interactive visualisations -- all with Excel.

Spreadsheets are powerful beasts. Simon Peyton-Jones has demonstrated that they’re a full-fledged functional language.

That means that Excel’s the most popular programming language.

This workshop aims at taking this beast to the next level, and I’ll be sharing some of the weird things I’ve managed to get Excel to do in the last 6 months.


Excel expertise (you know VLOOKUP like the back of your hand), some Visual Basic knowledge, and a willingness to tolerate COM in Python.

Software: You’ll need Excel and ActivePython on a Windows machine.

Speaker bio

Anand is the chief data scientist at


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