The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Kashyap Kompella


A 360 degree view of 3-D printing

Submitted Mar 26, 2013

(1) Provide a brief tour of the exciting world of 3D printing & (2) Discuss opportunities and applications in the Indian context


3-D printing is a game changer and not surprisingly it has attracted a lot of attention globally in the last couple of years as the technology is maturing. But I initially wondered whether a session on 3-D printing is appropriate for this conference but then I realized if “visualization” is one of the focus areas, then 3-D printing definitely belongs here. Because what 3-D printing enables is a concrete and tangible realization of a concept, a prototype and even an end product.

This is a vast subject and in a 20-30 minute presentation, we’ll be able to only scratch the surface and I propose to cover the essentials like -

  • What is 3-D printing and what’s the big deal about it?
  • Who’s currently using it? (Practical details about current adoption.)
  • What are the potential applications? This should be of interest to start-up folks and MBA types as well.
  • What are common software tools used in this field? This should be of interest to the tech. junta who’d like to explore further.


Though I will cover some important design tools, I don’t intend to make this a technical session. You’ll not see snippets of code on the screen.

Just come with a curious mind...

Speaker bio

I am an industry analyst, it’s my job to keep on top of technology and trends. More here:

3-D printing is a personal interest area and have been closely following this emerging field.


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