The Fifth Elephant 2013

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Uncovering the truth in sales through Visualization

Submitted by Y (@yravi) on Friday, 29 March 2013

Section: Analytics and Visualization Technical level: Beginner


How can visualization help a sales manager review his team's performance?


The truth about sales is hidden under layers of unwanted excel reports, KPIs etc., We have developed simple reports accessible to the sales managers to review their team's performance on width, depth, range etc.,


Open mind

Speaker bio

Y leads the data & devices vertical at airtel AP. He earlier worked for technology firms like Microsoft and Nokia. He is a passionate consumer marketer and his interests lie in the cusp of consumer technology and marketing. He loves to read and cycle. More blah blah about him at




  • Cohan Sujay Carlos (@cohan) 6 years ago

    Ravi, can you post some slides or some additional information. We might need a little more information to make a call on this session. Thank you!

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