The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Structuring data from surveys - A case study from a slum survey conducted in 2010

Submitted by Onkar Hoysala (@onkarhoysala) on May 8, 2012

Section: Industry & Business Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Lecture Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


To present a case study of the slum survey conducted by NGIL, CSTEP in 2010 and to discuss the data collection and cleanup process, and the challenges that were faced.


An extensive survey was carried out across 1000+ households in 36 slums across Bangalore by NGIL, CSTEP in 2010. We will talk about the process of data collection and cleanup and the challenges that we faced during the data collection and during cleanup. We will also give an overview of the database schema we designed for the survey.

Speaker bio

Aditi Murthy is a researcher at Fields of View, a non-profit organisation working on problems related to urban systems and public safety & security. She has two years experience in working with market simulations, game design and working with datasets. She was involved in the cleanup process of the slum survey data at NGIL and is involved in its analysis at Fields of View.

Onkar Hoysala is a researcher at Fields of View. He has 2 years research experience developing games and simulations for urban systems and disaster management. He was involved in the data cleanup and schema design for the slum database at NGIL and is trying to look at using the data to develop models at Fields of View.




  • Govind Kanshi (@govindsk) 7 years ago

    Thanks Aditi/Onkar. If you could add - what would you do different in terms of extraction/cleansing with today’s tools and “basis” of choosing those tools. That will be great takeaway for the attendees.

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