The Fifth Elephant 2012

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Real Time Analytics with Twitter Storm

Submitted by Karthik Kastury (@karthikdot) on Apr 26, 2012

Section: Data Analytics Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Tutorial Status: Submitted


Perform Real time analysis of the data that is coming into your System from multiple sources. I'll talk about Different Use Cases from a Performance Monitoring Standpoint, and a little bit on Data Visualization.


Real Time Analytics is a different problem, when compared to batch systems like Hadoop. This talk will focus on how you can use Twitter Storm in performing Analytics in near realtime.

We'll build a simple Real User Monitoring System during the course of the talk.

Towards the end of the session I'll talk about how you can also visualize this data.


Understanding on different Use Cases when you might want to use a Real time system. In my eyes they are Perf. Monitoring, Operations, Key Business Metrics etc..

Speaker bio

I'm the Performance Guy at PayPal India(eBay Inc.), building Performance as a key attribute into the Next Generation of PayPal's presence on the Web.

In my free time I dabble with Web Frameworks, researching on the various things that go into making applications fast and responsive.

I also occasionally blog at


  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Crew 8 years ago

    Can we split this into two talks - one for analytics and another for visualization? Will be useful to understand how available technologies facilitate/impede possibilities for visualization.

    • Karthik Kastury (@karthikdot) Proposer 8 years ago

      It’d make sense that way; but I haven’t really figured best ways to visualize data in realtime (without page refresh for instance). I’d be glad if someone would like to help.

      • Sunil Pai (@threepointone) 8 years ago

        what help do you need? mail me at

  • Anu Sharma (@anusharma) 8 years ago

    Karthik, given that you’re coming at this from the perspective of performance monitoring, I wonder if the talk would sit better in the Industry & Business (Technology) track. I&B track is for best practices in an industry or presenting a story using a case study. What say?

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