The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Finding the elephant with Neo4j

Submitted by Ashish Prasad (@codemaniac) on Monday, 18 June 2012

Section: Data Analytics Technical level: Beginner Session type: Tutorial Status: Submitted


Introduction to using graph database called neo4j and how one can organize data in graphs to mine metrics that matter.


Organizing data in graphs opens up a whole new perspective of data. Neo4j is one such database that uses nodes, properties and relationships to help organize data. Using start-of-the-art querying languages like Cypher and Gremlin, learn to organize and explore graphs and graphing algorithms.


Basics of graphs

Speaker bio

Part of Cognizant Technology Solutions' innovation/r&d wing. Hacks on a plathora of languages for my day job.


  • Anu Sharma (@anusharma) 7 years ago

    Good topic! Would probably sit better on day 1, either in Big Data Infrastructure or Data Analytics track. Do consider changing the Section.

  • Ashish Prasad (@codemaniac) Proposer 7 years ago

    Changed. Thanks.

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