The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Explorations in Data Analysis and Visualization

Submitted by Dorai Thodla (@dorait) on Jun 6, 2012

Section: Data Visualization Technical level: Beginner Session type: Discussion Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


To share knowledge on how our goals led us to build a simple data analysis and visualization tool and some ideas for the future.


An exploration of data analysis and visualization. What were our goals and how we built a simple tool, step by step. We will take you through a journey of what we tried and what ended up with. We can discuss how you can build your own and some ideas for the future.


a projector and internet connectivity

Speaker bio

A technology entrepreneur. Working on database technology since mid 80s. Built a SQL database engine, worked extensively in XML and currently working on Natural Language Tool kits.




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