The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Building analyzing and visualizing large graphs

Submitted by Ashwin Rajeev (@winash) on Jun 15, 2012

Section: Data Analytics Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Lecture Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


A tutorial on how to model, use and visualize large graphs on existing storage systems.


A lot of real world problems can be solved better using graphs. In my talk I cover the basics of solving daily problems using graphs, modeling and building larger graphs on existing back-end systems (in- memory,relational,NoSQL). The talk will also cover some simple algorithms and tools to analyze and visualize such graphs.

The lecture will be geared towards programmers

Brief overview:

  • Spotting graphs in your data.
  • Graph models -mostly theory, I'll keep it short.
  • How to model, and program large graphs(millions of nodes and edges).
  • Persisting such graphs on existing storage architectures (when switching to a graphDB is not an option or an overkill).
  • Visualizing huge graphs -what tools exist and how to build your own, some algorithms for effective visualization.

Speaker bio

I am a co-founder and developer at muHive, we are working on building the worlds best customer engagement platform. more here



  • Kiran Jonnalagadda


    Crew 8 years ago

    Can we have more detail, please?

  • AR

    Ashwin Rajeev


    Proposer 8 years ago

    Added a rough agenda, I will share the slides soon

  • AS

    Anu Sharma


    8 years ago

    Ashwin, are you planning a tutorial or lecture. In fact, it seems your content is most appropriate for a workshop :)

  • AR

    Ashwin Rajeev


    Proposer 8 years ago

    Anu, This will be mostly theory with some examples and code in between

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