The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

An Introduction to Data Visualization & Processing ( Programming Language)

Submitted by Uttam Grandhi (@uttamg911) on Monday, 23 April 2012


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Data Visualization

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To excite the audience into the world of Data Visualization through a gateway called Processing ( Programming Language ).


The talk is going to be split into two parts (of 15-20 mins each).

First part covers, Data & Visualization. Where I would try to answer ( with examples ) questions such as: Is Data just numbers? What is the Purpose of a Visualization? Does context play a role in choosing the type of visualization?

Second part covers, a basic introduction to a programming language called Processing. Where, the available methods, libraries and export options like Android, Web ( Applet/Processing.js), etc are explained. I would like to conclude my talk with an example/case study of a visualization that I have done using Processing.

Last 5 odd mins is retained for Q&A and discussion.


Enthusiasm and basic programming knowledge.

Speaker bio

Uttam Grandhi is an alumnus of BITS-Pilani and Vancouver Film School. He currently works full-time as an Artist for Artoo IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore ( At Artoo, he owns the web and android interfaces. His areas of interest include( but not limited to) Paper Engineering, Sculpture, Calligraphy, Stop Motion Animation and Digital Art.




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    Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer 7 years ago

    Is data visualization a graphic problem or a tech/data processing problem?

  • 1
    Uttam Grandhi (@uttamg911) Proposer 7 years ago

    I am trying to limit my talk to the graphic part of the problem though I would give brief insights into the tech and data processing parts as well.

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    shree joshi 6 years ago

    Are you going to use R ? in which case let me know if there is an overlap with session proposed by me.

  • 1
    Uttam Grandhi (@uttam911) 6 years ago

    No Shree, I would not be using R. I am planning to talk about processing(programming language)/processing.js for data visualization.

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    Anu Sharma (@anusharma) 6 years ago

    Uttam, is it possible to spend some time on "why Processing?". It would be super helpful to know, for example, how Processing stacks up against other alternatives and for which use cases you've found it more suitable (and why).

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    Uttam Grandhi (@uttamg911) Proposer 6 years ago

    Meibach and Posavec - Data, Visualization, Poetry and Sculpture

    "Data as representation does not have to be the only way visualization is approached. Nor should a traditional visualization ever necessarily be perceived as the full picture. It should always be understood that there is an elusive, human, element, whether knowledge or otherwise, embedded in what is being communicated" - Dylan Schenker

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    Uttam Grandhi (@uttamg911) Proposer 6 years ago

    Hyper-Matrix - Thousands of physical pixels in a 180ยบ vertical landscape

  • 1
    Uttam Grandhi (@uttamg911) Proposer 6 years ago

    emoto - Data sculpture by @studionand and @moritz_stefaner + @toodrew via @creativeapps

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    Uttam Grandhi (@uttamg911) Proposer 6 years ago

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    Uttam Grandhi (@uttam911) 6 years ago

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    Uttam Grandhi (@uttam911) 6 years ago

  • 1
    Uttam Grandhi (@uttam911) 5 years ago

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