droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Essential tools and tips for an effective design workflow

Submitted by Gabriele Marangon (@gabrimarangon) on May 3, 2016

Section: Full talk (40 minutes) Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


The beginning of my career as a designer has been quite tough… While in the iOS fairytale world I had to design for few devices, Android was challenging me with his army made of thousand different screens…
And often I didn’t have any clue if what I was doing was right. I was constantly asking myself: how does an Android designer work? Which tools does he/she use? Are there any tips/rules/best practices? Me and Andrea (designer and developer) we’d like to try to answer these questions with you at this Droidcon


-Introduction -Design workflow at glance -Improvements of the workflow -Sketch overview -Designer and Developers communication tools (Sympli) -Best practices and tips -Q&A

Speaker bio

Gabriele Marangon

I’m an android enthusiast and a passionate graphic designer. I love to work in team with developers to deliver Apps crafted with love. Droidcon speaker @ Droidcon Italy 2016

Andrea Lucibello

Android Team leader @ Synesthesia. Droidcon speaker @ Droidcon Italy 2015 and 2016




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