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Basics of making Augmented Reality Apps

Submitted by Gur Raunaq Singh (@raunaqsoni) on Wednesday, 14 September 2016

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Section: Full talk sponsored (40 minutes) Technical level: Beginner


Key focus points of my talk will be :
- What is Augmented Reality and why is it important - Possible Applications - Making a simple Augmented Reality App (Key Takeaway for Audience, No pre-requisite knowledge required)


Mins 0-10 : What is Augmented Reality and why is it important
Mins 10-15 : Possible Applications (with examples)
Mins 15-40 : Making a simple Augmented Reality App
Mins 40-45 : QnA


A Laptop, with Unity3D installed

Speaker bio

I’m a Junior year Computer Science Engineering undergraduate from IPU, New Delhi with over 15 months of experience making Augmented Reality Apps.
I have won 7 Hackathons (including AngelHack Delhi 2016), and have made AR apps across various segments including Education, Fashion, Retail, and more.
Currently building my own startup Arsenic Labs, where we provide Augmented Reality UX as a service.
Full Bio - http://raunaq.me




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