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Android Robotics

Submitted by Aravind S karthik (@theonlykarthik) on Jun 17, 2016

Section: Crisp talk (15 minutes) Technical level: Beginner Status: Rehearsal ongoing


Android is getting more and more powerful, mobile devices with various capabalities are being produced, and i believe android platform can be more than just a mobile/tv/watch/auto OS, Android could power morden day robots which could function various advanced functions
I would be talking about
-how is it possible to implement android in robotics -Show a demo -future prospects


the break-up is split into the following sections:
-Introduction -Demo of what i am on about -How to do it -What is possible with this

Speaker bio

I am and android developer + designer + electroincs hobbiest. Since the past one year, I have been researching about applications of android in robotics and development of prototype, there have not been many implementaions of android in robotics and I am really interested in getting people starting off with it. As many people are not into this, I guess I could talk about it


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