droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Anirudh S


"Why should I buy an Android smartwatch?" - The future of Android Wear

Submitted Oct 16, 2015

Explore new opportunities to build next-gen experiences with an Android Wear device


Can an Android smartwatch be more than a fashion accessory, fitness tracker, an easy-notification viewer or a gimmick? Are they really worth the money? Are they really going to change the world?

The answer to all of them is, Yes! This talk will explore how to make full use of sensors on an Android Wear device and create apps that can actually make those devices really useful for real-world scenarios.

Speaker bio

I have been a hobbyist Android developer since 2011 and a professional Android developer for more than a year now.

I tinker a lot with my Moto 360 and I want to show the world what we can do with Android Wear devices. I have found great joy in stretching devices to their limits by rooting & flashing custom ROMs since 2010.

You can find me on




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