droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Harsh Dattani


Keep Calm and Secure your App

Submitted Oct 9, 2015

Let’s make our Apps secure!
This talk is all about how to make our Android Applications more secure, as much as possible as we/developers can.


With the evolution of more and more Android apps, the need of securing the same apps is more and more.
As a developer, we oftenly compromise on the security of our applications, just to complete the project or to satisfy client’s need and deliver it on time.

Why this Session?

Just as we keep our office, home, and family secure. We as developers need to keep our Applications also secure.
Like all other Platforms or Languages, secure coding guidelines are there for Android also.
The main objective of this session is to aware the Developers about secure coding guidelines and how small tricks and tips can help securing applications.

I have planed to cover this many topics in the session, so as to make developers aware about Securing Android Apps.

Topics to be Covered in a flow

  • Unix Security Policy
  • Android Security Policy
  • Android Permission Policy
  • App Isolation
  • Common Mistakes
  • Top Mobile App Vulnerabilities
  • Exploiting Applications
  • Important Security Terms
  • Secure Coding Guidelines for Android, as per CERT (In Detail)
  • Security test of Applications
  • Static vs Dynamic Code analysis
  • Final Checklist for Security
  • Demos and Feedbacks


Afresh mind to share and learn.

Speaker bio

Harsh is a M.Tech Student of Cyber Security from Gujarat Forensic Science University, and he is also Associated with Google Developers Group, Baroda. He focuses more on Android Security. His previous talk includes “Introduction to Material Design” at DevFest Ahmedabad in December 2014 and “Guard your Droid” in DevFest Baroda 2015 in November.





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