droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Amrit Sanjeev


Improving Android App performance - Things every developer should know

Submitted Sep 8, 2015

“60fps” - the magic word when it comes to Android application performance is no longer a benchmark but an absolute necessity. Current app users are very demnanding and the variation in hardware is more than ever before .

This talk aim to throw some some light on the common bottlenecks that cause performance issues and share best practices, patterns & tools to work around these to create app that perform well even on low end devices.


This talk will consist of discussing the antipatterns tha causes of performance issues in Android applications and best practices, design patterns & tools that need to be used to create apps that are performant even in constraint environments.

The areas of performance improvement discussed are

  1. Networking
  2. Memory management
  3. Battery
  4. Developer Tools for measuring performance.
  5. Usage of third party library

Speaker bio

Amrit Sanjeev works at Google as a Program Manager in the Developer Relations team. He is one of the organizers of Blrdroid and was the first person to become a Google Developer Expert for Android from India. He is passionate about Android platform and mobile user experience design engineering.


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