droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Chinmay V S


How to create your own BLE sensor for Android

Submitted Aug 27, 2015

A complete guide to start creating your own BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) sensor peripheral for any Android device.

BLE provides a simple low-cost interface for anyone interested in prototyping/developing embedded systems around an Android device as the central hub for user interaction and connecting to the rest of the world.


  1. Provide an overview of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) spec.
  • A 5 minute guide to understanding BLE.
    • “low-energy” = 3 years on a single charge.
    • What’s new? GATT profiles, BLE-advertising, iBeacon, ...
  1. [05mins] Reverse-engineering a BLE peripheral.
  • a.k.a write you own fitness tracker app.
  1. [10mins] Xiaomi Mi-band teardown
  • Whats inside? Why? and how they all work together? (in addition to the BLE chip)
  1. [10mins] nRF24L01 - Create your own reprogrammable BLE beacon for Rs.150!
  • Assuming you already have an Arduino lying around.
    (No? thats another 350bucks.)
  1. [10mins] Demo - Creating customised BLE peripheral(s) for an Android smartphone.
  • How about a notification on your phone whenever your pet dog is hungry?


Curiosity. (not the Rover)

Speaker bio

6 years of Embedded-Systems Software Engineering.
16 years of hacking-together Embedded-Systems.

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