droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Faiz Malkani


Animations in Material Design - Significance, Context and Hierarchy

Submitted Oct 13, 2015

Comprehend the significance, use context and structural hierarchy of animations in Material Design, and their role in synthesizing a phenomenal user experience.


The introduction of Material Design brought a paradigm of paper and ink to our smartphones, and while the adoption of that world grew at an exponential rate, scores of developers restricted their adoption to paper and ink, overlooking the physics, structure and laws that world brought with it.
This session tackles one of the most important and oft-disregarded parts of design - animations. The Material Design world emphasizes the usage of animations with proper context and hierarchy, mimicking real-world patterns and providing an optimal user experience, with the talk highlighting the common misconceptions in animation, the importance of the user’s psychology and mental model, the structure and hierarchy that proper animations bring to an app, the common bottlenecks faced while designing motion, and the appropriate usage of interpolation, paths, duration, context and origin points while doing so.

Speaker bio

Faiz Malkani is a UI/UX Designer and Android/Web developer with three years of experience, and is passionate about creating memorable experiences and delightful interfaces. He currently works at Fastboot Mobile, LLC and XDA-Developers, and is one of the core members of Google Developer Group Mumbai in addition to heading the city’s UX Labs chapter. He consults with numerous startups from time to time, assisting in the improvization of their software’s aesthetics and experience, and dabbles in personal projects on occassion, the most popular of which is “Keyline Pushing”, an Android app that simplifies design testing.

Faiz is ardent about community engagement and growth, driving him to maintain a host of open source projects and evangelize design at events across the country like Google Developer Summit, GDG DevFest, Google Design Sprints, the Prime Minister’s Office App Contest and IIT Hackathons, among others.




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