droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Prashant Hinduja


Android : Inside Out

Submitted Oct 17, 2015

To introduce Android Marshmallow Framework and middleware internals


The talk and presentation will give understanding of what makes Android tick inside? What is the complex world of framework services and how do they interact and work together? What lies beneath the ART? - Java-native binding, C binders & daemons, native services, etc.
You get a sneak peek into frameworks library behaviour including multimedia:stagefright to nuplayer, graphics:project butter and now, surfaceflinger, ril & connectivity, webkit matters, battery saver: volta, etc.
This session is not for the regular App developer. It is for those who intend to go beyond the realms of APIs and try to find answers for engineering breakthroughs deep inside Android... I mean, really deep! ;)


Android 6.0 Source Code

Speaker bio

15 years in mobile platforms and technologies - study, research aand development. Developed on Android: native and cross-platform Apps, UI/UX designs, game libraries, test packages, framework services, multimedia plugins, connectivity plugins, custom ROMs, etc.
Since 2009, Android Internals training to employees of SISO/SRIB, Ericsson, Intel, NXP, GEHC, Atos and many more.
Member of BAUG, GDG-Pune, NGDC.
Past Speaker at Droidcon and TouchTour.


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