droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Yatin Taluja


Android for the Next Billion

Submitted Oct 15, 2015

How to build an android application to run under low resource conditions - for a consumer who has never used a smartphone before.


This presentation will detail my learnings about building an android application that is being used by users in remote & rural india - to work around basic constraints of infrastructure and technology. As an android developer at SocialCops, our main user segment has never used a mobile phone before & my app was their first interaction with a mobile phone. The talk will cover the following:

  • UI/UX Principles while designing for the Next Billion (Colors, Icons & Interactions)
  • Building for low end devices (battery, memory, screen size)
  • Building for the offline world (no internet, multiple language capability)


Basic Android Knowledge and an inquisitive mind!

Speaker bio

Yatin Taluja is an Android Developer at SocialCops - a mission driven data company. He led the development of Collect - an Android Based Data Collection Tool which is being used by over 120+ nonprofits in 7+ countries to collect data from the grassroots. Among other things, he also built the ICleanIndia Application (in a record 7 days) for the Swachh Bharat Mission.




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