droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Soham Mondal


A look at modern protoyping: Sketch, Pixate and more

Submitted Sep 24, 2015

Understand and leverage the latest and best in modern prototyping tools for material design on android.


This is a follow up to my 2012 Droidcon design talk “Android UI prototyping 101: What? Why? How?” and takes a modern look at the various prototyping tools available for android/material design.

There are a lot of really simple yet powerful prototyping tools in the market today and we’ll take a detailed look at some of them like Sketch, Pixate and Marvelapp. This session is great for interaction/visual designers as well as startups in general and will help you create powerful and functional prototypes for your app. Some of the highlights of the talk are

  • Prototyping: 2012 and now, what’s changed?
  • Why move from photoshop/illustrator?
  • Interactive prototypes, what’s so cool about them?
  • Sketch, why is it awesome
  • Live demo of Sketch
  • Sketch: The community angle
  • Sketchtoolbox: some useful tools
  • Pixate: A quick overview
  • Pixate: Sample prototypes
  • Other prototyping tools: marvelapp
  • What’s right for you?

Speaker bio

Soham is the founder of Triveous and the creator of the android app “Skyro Voice Recorder”. The app has around 500,000 downloads and has been featured internationally on the play store. He has also consulted with startups like Khoslalabs, Novopay, Hiree, Farmily among others. He is also an organizer with Blrdroid, one of the largest android communities in the world.

He is passionate about UX design and has shared his insight in various forums, including previous editions of Droidcon India.




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