droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Being productive with Android Studio & Gradle

Submitted by Adnan A M (@adnan123) on Oct 20, 2015

Section: Core Development - Crisp talk (15 minutes) Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


  1. Reduce development time by using the latest features in Android Studio
  2. Info about Gradle - Build Flavors & Variants


Become a productive Android dev by using some of the latest features Android Studio & Gradle Build system have to provide. I will cover the following topics :

  1. Great tricks & shortcuts for Android Studio
  2. Introduction to Gradle for Android
  3. Build Variants
  4. Product Flavors

Speaker bio

Adnan is an experienced Android developer. He currently works with BookMyShow as an Android developer. He has been an active member of various meetup groups, events & is an active contributor to the Android ecosystem as a whole.



  • AM

    Adnan A M


    Proposer 4 years ago

    Yes, I will cover the following things :

    1. Live/Custom code Templates in Android Studio - Creation & usage
    2. Shortucts & tricks within Android Studio
    3. Flavor based res, java files and dependencies
    4. Dependencies across modules
  • AG

    Arnav Gupta


    4 years ago


    Nice to see this topic.

    Are you planning to cover for example . .
    1. Custome code templates and autocomplete patterns in Studio
    2. Using per-flavor res variable via Gradle
    3. Per-variant and per-flavour class inheritance

    Would like to see someone covering the small details than can make development a whole lot easier.

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