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Droidcon India’s fourth edition

What does it take to build an app like FreeCharge?

Submitted by Raghuram Trikutam (@raghuramat) on Oct 24, 2014

Section: UI - full talks Technical level: Beginner Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


At FreeCharge, we lay a lot of emphasis on UI/UX principles while building our apps. Designers and engineers alike work on building an understanding on the core flow and representation of the app while ensuring performance and quality of the functioning of the app. For us, and for a lot of others, UX is about customer’s like-ability of an app. That stems from an ease of usage, crisp communication, awesome performance and smart engineering.

We’d love to pass on the gyaan of building such apps. We’d love to tell you what to look for when building such apps.


The session would cover the following aspects

  • What was the need to revamp our app?
  • Design discussions and decisions
  • Engineering calls and work flow adjustments
  • Performance and slickness

Do join us in this talk. We would love to keep it as open and as conversational as possible.

Speaker bio

Harish Sivaramakrishnan (VP, UX at FreeCharge) : Doesn’t need much introduction. Harish heads UX at FreeCharge for all our products (Web, Mobile Web and Apps). A passionate designer and an awesome front-end engineer.

Raghuram Trikutam (AVP, Mobile at FreeCharge) : Raghu heads mobile engineering at FreeCharge. Has a lot of interest in UX and believes that building the right products takes not just a roadmap, but a vision.


  • Umang Jaipuria (@umangjaipuria) 5 years ago

    I’m assuming this talk focusses on the UI/UX of the app? Will you be talking about both the design as well as engineering the UI? Afraid this isn’t clear from the description. Also, the title maybe too generic for someone to immediately understand the objective of the talk.

  • Raghuram Trikutam (@raghuramat) Proposer 5 years ago

    I guess you’ve downloaded our latest version. We took a radical approach in terms of design for this new version and also worked on changing a lot of stuff in the backend to ensure the entire package can be power packed to 2.5mb.

    This talk will concentrate on what made us take this approach, what were the design/UX discussions that we had, and finally the execution of UI.

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