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triggering with jerks and falls

Submitted by chinmayisk (@csk) on Oct 27, 2014

Section: Hardware – crisp talks Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & scheduled


To learn how to use a phonefall or a jerk on a phone as trigger points for your android application.


Though android has libraries for most things. It has no public libraries to detect phone movements like a jerk or a fall .There are hardly any API’s to detect and differentiate between a fall and a jerk.We(me and my colleagues) wrote a library recently for one of our apps using the whitepapers available and understanding Physics involved. Hence we will be talking about how you can write one by talking about the following :
1.What are the various sensors available ( including but not limited to accelerometer).
2.The physics involved
3.Determining thresholds.

Speaker bio

I am the founder of Saakshin Technologies and the community lead at The Bachchao Project.
I have been an mobile application programmer for 5-6 years now. I have worked on various mobile platforms
ranging from meego to ios.I have been working on the android platform from 2-3 years now.



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