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Hack your Business with android & beacons

Submitted by Tushar Choudhary (@tusharchoudhary) on Oct 18, 2014

Section: Hardware - full talks Technical level: Intermediate Status: Shortlisted


Attend this session to understand how Android can make use of beacons and big data analysis to provide customers a better user experience. We will share our experience of working with beacons showing a use case study around retail stores in India.

After attending this session, the attendees can use their android skills with beacons and similar IOT devices to generate and collect data, which can be integrated with big data to make interesting analysis.


Businesses large and small are fast realizing the importance of big data and are investing huge amounts of time and money to gather it. For retailers, the ROI potential from unified big data collection is exponential. After all, retailers collect online sales data, mobile and apps data, customer footfall data, as well as enterprise integration’s for loyalty, CRM and ERP.

Beacons provide businesses with endless opportunities to collect massive amounts of untapped data, such as the number of beacon hits and customer dwell time at a particular location within a specified time and date range, busiest hours throughout the day or week, number of people who walk by a location each day, etc. This data then allows retailers to accordingly make improvements to products, staff allocation in various departments and services, and so on.

Attend this session to understand how Android mobiles can make use of beacons and big data analysis to provide customer a better user experience. We will share our experience of working with beacons showing a use case study around retail stores in India.


basic knowledge of android.

Speaker bio

Tushar is an android enthusiast and has crafted several beautiful applications from android 2.0 to android 5.0. He is currently working with Xebia India in the mobile team and is working on varied domains and technologies. Tushar has an experience of 3 years mainly in android development. He is a speaker and has shared his findings in many knowledge sharing programs.





  • Tushar Choudhary (@tusharchoudhary) Proposer 5 years ago

    Extra information regarding the session- This session will be a good brief on using beaons (Estimotes mainly) with your Android device. I will be discussing the libraries available currently(including the library which I have build) and will showcase one such library which I have used in my Use Case. I will also be showing a Use Case which is build using beacons, Android and analytics on Retail Shops. The main fundamental behind using beacon and tracking users is not about just pushing cool offerings via push notifications or indoor navigation which IBeacon which Apple has shown, rather its the Data. Yes, the data which is collected out of tracking users location for any business can be very strategic. This data can depict amazing business insights after Big data/ data analysis is applied on the same. These insights can be a changing moment for any business small or large.

    topics I would try to cover- Beacons(What How and Why), BLE how it works, Android Libraries for connecting with Beacons, Retail Store Use Case, Small Demo,Code walk through of the demo and Future scope of beacons/iot with mobile.

    Audience takeaway- Audience will understand the importance of beacons for current scenario and for the future. They shall also understand how beacons can be connected to android app, how the communication takes place and what are the capabilities of the same. They shall be able to easily buy a pack of estimote beacons and build a new use case using an android library.

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