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Create your own social network app using Parse.com

Submitted by Varun (@thevarun) on Oct 16, 2014

Section: Workshops Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


This hands-on session goes through the process of building a consumer Android app by taking an example of a simple social network. We will go through the different considerations (design & technical) you have to think about to build such a product.


A way of classifying social networks is through understanding two aspects -
1) What is the content to be shared? (posts/photos/videos/etc)
2) How to decide whom to share it with? (friends/followers/etc)

Choosing a particular instance of this (ex: sharing music among friends), we will go through

  • the different screens of a social network app and its requirements

  • the user-engagement lifecycle of each feature

  • using Parse.com as the backend server and interacting with it


Laptop with Android development environment set up.
Account on Parse.com (free).

Basic of Android development (activities, intents, layouts, views) is required.

Speaker bio

I have been working on a local network app HereNow for the past year. I am leading the product vision and also the android development for the app. We had a soft launch a month ago.





  • Varun (@thevarun) Proposer 5 years ago

    Problem Statement -
    Mobile apps get extremely powerful and useful because of their ability to access the massive infrastructure behind the cloud. Parse.com provides a very simple to use BaaS which can be used by everyone without having to deal with the management of server infrastructure. Proficiency in using such a service is a very valuable skill in an Android developer’s repertoire so that they can rapidly build apps and test out new ideas.

  • Varun (@thevarun) Proposer 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago)

    Assuming the audience has basic familiarity with Android framework, I intend to cover the following in the talk
    - How to create ‘users’ with Login in your app (~15 minutes). If time permits, we can cover login integration with facebook.
    - Create a cloud-side database-table with your own columns. How to create a new row from the client application. (~15 minutes)
    - Filter the database table on some parameters and display the result in a listview (so that the data-adapter is linked to Parse.com) (~15 minutes). If time permits, we can delve into creating infinite-scrolling lists.
    - Storing large-files (images, audio etc) on parse.com and retrieving (~10 minutes)
    - Nuances of access-control (~10 minutes)
    - Brief mention of features which are not uncovered (~10 minutes)

    The above covers the Android + Parse.com part. I intend to spend the rest of the session (~20 minutes) on discussing user-experience related considerations while building the app. I intend to take a social networking app as an example and look at just one feature (replies to post) and cover what salient features need to be thought about for just that feature.

  • Varun (@thevarun) Proposer 5 years ago

    After the session, the attendies should have confidence in building apps which access data from the cloud, and to build social apps, where app-users interact with each other (rather than just the static app).

  • Prsy Mobile App (@prsymobileapp) 4 years ago

    Let me introduct the alternative, Prsy. Its obviously a complete contrast to other social media apps available today. It makes it possible for users to share their created apps with each other. Let’s create own social networking app!

  • Irfan Ullah (@irfanullahgull) 3 years ago


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