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LXC on Android (Running ICS and Jellybean simultaneously on same hardware)

Submitted by Kumar Sukhani (@kumarsukhani) on Sunday, 6 October 2013

Section: Systems Technical level: Advanced


Running ICS and Jellybean simultaneously on same hardware using light weight virtualization called Linux Containers. Using same technique we can run any Linux based OS (Android, Ubuntu, Firefox OS, etc) on phone simultaneously.


LXC is a full proof mechanism for operating system level virtualization in Linux. We have done changes in Android Linux kernel so that we can run Android OS as an LXC container. Using same model, we can run multiple and different Linux based Operating systems like Ubuntu, Firefox OS, simultaneously on the same hardware. Video provides the demo of our work ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpIFByNLM5U ). Please give your comments/suggestion on my work, it will help us to develop further.



Speaker bio

I am Kumar Sukhani, I did this project as my final year engineering project. I was also a GSOC 2013 student working on JRuby on Embedded project. I have also created an open source project called Colloqmote through which a user can use its mobile phone as a joystick for any PC games. I am fun loving guy open for all technologies and want to make some difference in technology.
Feel free to contact me at kumarsukhani@gmail.com



  • Rishikesh More (@more) 5 years ago

    sounds great..!! will be there.

    • Kumar Sukhani (@kumarsukhani) Proposer 5 years ago

      Rishikesh More: :-)

  • Shree Kumar (@shreekumar) 5 years ago

    Great ! Is your work related to the Android Cells project (http://systems.cs.columbia.edu/projects/cells/ )?

    • Kumar Sukhani (@kumarsukhani) Proposer 5 years ago

      Shree Kumar: Cells is a different than what I propose in the talk and implemented.

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