Droidcon India 2013

What's your thinking on Android this year?

From zero to million in months

Submitted by Narayan Babu (@codevalley) on Monday, 7 October 2013

Section: Business Technical level: Intermediate


How can you get your app reach a million users in a short span. Tricks and tips on how to get the right word-of-mouth and media attention to help get more users.


Simple rules to follow while
- developing and designing your app - Prelaunch - Placing your app on Play Store - Talking to your users - Drawing attention of bloggers - When to spend marketing money - Importance of feedback loops - How to churn app updates


An open mind, and knowledge on Android app development-publishing machinery.

Speaker bio

Been developing for Android pre-cupcake days. Founder at Dexetra which has created apps like Iris, Friday etc, has years of experience in creating popular apps, and getting them featured on different blogs like techcrunch. I have also spoken in the previous edition of droidcon.


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