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Push notifications using GCM(Google Cloud Messaging).

Submitted by vineela A on Oct 1, 2012

Section: Specialized Topics Technical level: Beginner Session type: Lecture Status: Submitted


Basic understanding of GCM.

Purpose of GCM.

Benefits of cloud messaging.

Demo Application.


The lecture mainly deals with GCM, brief overview about C2DM Technical and NON-Technical understanding of GCM.

   >Example illusrtating the GCM functionality. (NON-Technical)

   >Getting started with GCM,Architecture,GCM framework.(Technical)

Adavantages of GCM over other push notification services such as Urban Airship,C2DM.

   >Message Multicasting.

   >Battery life.


   >Send-to-sync messages.

   >Messages with payload.

An application demonstrating the GCM push notification.

Speaker bio

I am a Developer at PurpleTalk Inc, one of the leading names in enterprise-level app development space.I have one year of android experience.


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