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Push Notifications in different Technologies.

Submitted by Priyanka Parihar on Oct 8, 2012

Section: Specialized Topics Technical level: Beginner Session type: Demo Status: Submitted


-- > Basic understanding of Push Notifications.

-- > Detailed understanding about "Push Notifications" in the following technologies :

        GCM , PhoneGap , XTify,  Worklight, Urban Airship.

-- > Demo Applications.

-- > Comparing the performances.


In this session, we will be discussing about "Push Notifications" using different technologies. The technologies included:

  1. GCM - which is the native android way of showing push notifications

  2. PhoneGap - using PhoneGap SDK

  3. XTify - which is a push notification platform

  4. Urban Airship - using Urban Airship Mobile Technology

  5. Worklight - which is a cross platform.

We will also be discussing the pros and cons of the technologies listed above.

Speaker bio

We ( Shravani Kanchi ,Priyanka Parihar, Vineela Adapala ), are Developers at Purple Talk Inc. with 2 years of android experience.

Shravani Kanchi will be dealing with "XTify"

Vineela Adapala will be dealing with "GCM" and "Urban Airship"

Priyanka Parihar will be dealing with "PhoneGap" and "Worklight"



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