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Using Google App Inventor to make apps quickly and without any coding!

Submitted by Jayneil Dalal on Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Section: Workshop: Android developer 101 Technical level: Beginner Session type: Tutorial Status: Submitted


The objective of this tutorial is to help developers develop an Android app using the Google App Inventor without doing any coding at all.!


I will cover the following topics: 1. Introduction to Android 2. Basics 3. Why use the Google App Inventor? 4. How to use the Google app inventor? 5. Making a few basics app using app inventor. 6. Making advanced apps such as QR code scanner using app inventor.


Laptop, internet card(USB stick) , notebook, pen drive

Speaker bio

I am currently pursuing my major in Electronics and Communication from Nirma University. I am currently a Mozilla campus representative and was mentor for Google Code In 2010. I work mostly with open source technologies and use Ubuntu. In my spare time I make video tutorials on lot of open source technologies. I have also worked a lot on Hardware side including the Arduino Platfrom.



  •   jyoti grover (@jgrover) 8 years ago

    While the topic sounds great, Google has already discontinued App Inventor in August. Why would one still like to use a tool which is no longer being supported?

  •   Jayneil Dalal Proposer 8 years ago

    Yes I am well aware that Google will dis continue support for it by 31st Decemeber 2011, you missed out on an important point! It is handing over this project to MIT Media Labs. So from 2012, only the URL will change but everything else will remain the same. So it is important that people learn how to use it.

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