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Malware, Pen Testing and Exploits

Submitted by Mrigesh (@jedi) on Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Section: Android hacking, porting, firmware Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Demo


The expected benefits for someone attending this: 1. A deeper understanding of the internals and security model 2. A survey of current threats with real-life examples 3. Reverse engineering, decompiling, application spoofing 4. Learning secure coding guidelines 5. Studying prevention techniques


Attacks on Android phones are becoming common, especially due to the increasing media attention. We hope to detail the security model, provide a survey of the current threats as well as guidelines describing how best to verify whether an application is malicious or not.


An open mind.

Speaker bio

I work as a Security Analyst in the research wing one of India's largest IT companies. Over the last six months, we have performed extensive research on Android security, malware, application penetration testing, secure development, privilege escalation exploits, customized enterprise-enabled OS builds......


  • Selvakumar (@skvselva) 7 years ago

    nice topic....looking fwd

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