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Introduction to OpenGL in Android

Submitted by Tamillharasan Chandran on Oct 10, 2011

Section: UI and Design Technical level: Beginner Session type: Tutorial Status: Confirmed & scheduled


Getting started with OpenGL programming can seem to be a little heavy but it need not be.

We will start with a brief introduction to OpenGL and then quickly jump into the step-by-step tutorial section.


The intro will include some history including the differences between OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenGL ES2.

The tutorial will introduce OpenGL programming by building a simple app which has the following features

  • Draws basic shapes
  • Filling the object with basic colors
  • Applying a texture on the shape
  • Creating a simple animation with the shape

And while implementing the above, we’ll cover the following topics

  • Setting up the view
  • Drawing simple shapes
  • Vertex Shader
  • Fragment Shader

If time permits, we’ll also cover the following

  • OpenGL Shader language [GLSL]
  • Transformations
  • Frame Buffer Objects

Speaker bio

I am a Product Engineer working with multunus. I have good experience in Android and iOS platforms. I have also been working on OpenGL in Android and iOS.





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